DataGlass Head-Mounted Display Built For Rough Weather

We've seen plenty of these wearable computer displays in our time, but the Japan-only DataGlass 3/A Head Mounted Display is reinforced to be dustproof as well as waterproof. The 800x 600 DataGlass eyepatch connects and draws power via USB and, once plugged in, the wearer will feel as if a monitor is hovering in space… » 7/18/07 8:07pm 7/18/07 8:07pm

IceBar Waterproof iPod Nano Speaker Case Keeps Your Tunes Afloat

The iceBar moves the party stereo from the poolside into the pool, securely holding your iPod in a waterproof polycarbonate case. It floats, too, though it has a wrist strap if you're worried about it drifting off. The nano's clickwheel, power and mute functions are all accessible with the case on. The iceBar does… » 7/18/07 5:30pm 7/18/07 5:30pm

Palm Z Micro R/C Dogfighting Bi-Plane

The Palm Z Micro Plane is a lightweight flier controlled by infrared remote control. What's really awesome is the plane's bi-wing design and flaming paint job. Then there's the remote's tri-band functionality, allowing for three of the planes to fly in the same space, so you and your friends can trail one another… » 7/18/07 4:30pm 7/18/07 4:30pm

Gigantic-Clawed Dragon Bot Terrifies and Helps at the Same Time

Updated: The Enryu T-53 "support dragon" has two powerful yellow claws at the end of each hydraulic arm, but, fear not, it's here to help. The 3-ton rescue vehicle is controlled either with joysticks or, à la Robot Jox, a system where the arms of the machine mimic the arms of the operator, though with slower… » 7/18/07 11:50am 7/18/07 11:50am

Hurdle Transforming Light

The Hurdle Light's simple design allows for the lamp to function either as an illuminating bar or a more traditional lamp. A built-in sensor lets the Hurdle know when it's acting as one or the other, and only keeps the appropriate portions lit. It earned a Special Mention in the 2007 Lightouch Design Competition in… » 7/17/07 7:24pm 7/17/07 7:24pm

Tivo Series 3 Lite Specs?

Remember our unconfirmed Tivo Series 3 Lite pics from last week? Maybe they're real, maybe they're not, but someone in the Tivo Community forums is claiming to know TiVo Series Lite 3 specs. They're almost unbelievably similar to the powerful Series 3's specs, but I know you can't resist even fake Tivo specs,… » 7/17/07 7:13pm 7/17/07 7:13pm

Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop Helps Kids Gain Empire U. Enrollment

Who better to teach your kids than the Dark Lord of the Sith? This Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop is geared toward young, malleable minds (and, secretly, the rest of us) and employs a lightsaber-shaped pointing device to select from 50 different games. Children can expect to have their memory, typing abilities, and… » 7/17/07 7:00pm 7/17/07 7:00pm

Shanling MC-30 iPod Dock Has CD Player, Radio, Tube Amps

The Shanling MC-30 Music Center is proof that not all iPod docks have to look the same. It comes packed with not only iPod support, but a Hi-Fi CD player, an AM/FM tuner, and a tube power amplifier. The single-ended tube amplifier allows for 3 watts of power per channel to whatever speakers you have hooked up. And in… » 7/17/07 6:51pm 7/17/07 6:51pm

Apple Illuminating Touchpads and Clickwheels

According to a patent filed by Apple, the company's MacBook touchpads and signature iPod clickwheel might be in for a very visual overhaul. The proposed technology will allow for both lighting and color responses to user interaction. If Apple follows through with its plans, when you get to use touchpads and… » 7/16/07 8:50pm 7/16/07 8:50pm

AT&T Apparently Offering Non-iPhone Plans to iPhone Users (As Promised)

Electronista reports that if you get AT&T on the horn and threaten to cancel because of slow or unused iPhone Internet capabilites, they might try to strike up a secret deal: $40 a month for 450 minutes and 5,000 night-and-weekend minutes. Wi-Fi works but there's no mobile data. Also, you kiss Visual Voicemail and… » 7/16/07 8:00pm 7/16/07 8:00pm

The Wave LED Coffee Table Provides Motion-Seeking Light Show

Here's an interactive LED coffee table that refuses to simply table your coffee—it twinkles and sparkles, reacting to movement. The Wave uses 32 near-infrared sensors which observe the space above the table and any motion detected is mimicked with trails of light and color from 480 LEDs. » 7/16/07 6:00pm 7/16/07 6:00pm

Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio Picks Up FM/AM/Invasion Orders

Show your support for the intergalactic robotic conquerers with the Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio. Not only will it observe you with its cold, black sockets, the Cyberman Radio receives FM/AM stations and its mouth glows when you tune around. Its about six inches tall, has a hanging cord, and requires three AAA… » 7/16/07 5:30pm 7/16/07 5:30pm

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Cools Your Laptop (and Your Lap)

Cooler Master's NotePal Infinite employs variable speed fans under a wide steel mesh bed to cool your laptop. Since the unit's air intake is located at the rear rather then along the bottom, the NotePal Infinite will probably be able to deliver the goods even on surfaces that aren't flat, such as your legs. (Who would… » 7/16/07 2:00pm 7/16/07 2:00pm

Dosh Waterproof Wallet Keeps Keys and SIM Cards Safe

BlueSky Design Group's Dosh wallet takes advantage of flexible and semi-flexible polymers so that it's not only tough and bendable, but waterproof to boot. You've got the usual space for credit cards and bills, an area for coins and a compartment that can hold keys and SIM cards. It runs on the large side and is… » 7/13/07 5:31pm 7/13/07 5:31pm

DreamVision's DreamBee HD Projectors Clobber Previous Contrast Ratios

The DreamBee is a 3-chip 1080p LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) projector that is capable of a whopping 15,000:1 contrast ratio. That's a massive jump over most HD projectors, which hover around the 12,000:1 range. Undeniably awesome, but the DreamBee has got a hard fight ahead of it with cheaper, though still… » 7/13/07 4:35pm 7/13/07 4:35pm

Crazy Coffins Get You Six Feet Awesomer

Instead of stuffing your lifeless body in a boring old box, why not get buried in a giant guitar? 160-year-old Vic Fearn and Company, based in the United Kingdom, has created an art gallery dubbed Crazy Coffins. The caskets are for people from all walks of life, including skateboarders and skiers, a building… » 7/13/07 2:16pm 7/13/07 2:16pm

USB Dancing Robot

By sacrificing a single USB port, you can have your very own 7-inch-tall, dancing robot to tirelessly bust a move for your pleasure. After detecting whatever tune you have playing, USB Dancing Robot will start swaying and flashing LEDs to the beat. And that looks like all it'll do. Forever. » 7/13/07 10:32am 7/13/07 10:32am

iLive's Extra-Wide iPod Surround Speakerbar

The iLive Flat Panel Docking System is a virtual surround sound bar that uses magnetically shielded 2 full mid/high range drivers and twin internal woofers. You can pretty much hook up whatever you want—DVD players, TVs, computers via USB, other audio players—but considering it has a specially built motorized tray… » 7/12/07 8:01pm 7/12/07 8:01pm

Stream iTunes Over the Internet

Using SimplifyMedia will allow you to add 30 of your friends' iTunes music libraries to your own and access them no matter where they are physically located. Right now the beta software is a free download and only works on PCs and Macs. If you do decide to give SimplifyMedia a whirl, be warned—the software sounds a… » 7/12/07 7:22pm 7/12/07 7:22pm